Mummies Republic

Mummies Republic (for mummies by mummies) is a community group of women and their primary aged children, with little or no wider social network. Our purpose is to engage the vulnerable in the community through the provision of services which provide windows of opportunity during crisis.
We meet term time Wednesday after school for a meal, girls and boys brigade and quiet gathering for the women. Other than school this is the only quiet time the mothers have as a retreat from their children.

As part of our care we provide sign posting advice, food, postpartum coordinated care between the health visitors and the Maudsley where the client’s engagement with Mummies Republic is key to elevating postnatal depression and other cases of mental health caused by traumatic experiences.

The Mummies Republic project is coordinated by Winnie Baffoe.

You can donate to the work of Mummies Republic by clicking here. If you would like to volunteer with the group please contact Winnie.